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National interest on BPA research is Increasing – The Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center

We would like to make you aware of recent research on bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disrupting chemical, conducted by the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC).

The journal Pediatrics has published an article “Bisphenol A and Related Compounds in Dental Materials: A Critical Review,” which evaluates the BPA content of dental materials and suggests ways to manage BPA exposures. The article reports that BPA is released from dental resins through enzymes in saliva and is detectable in saliva for up to 3 hours after resin placement. CEHC’s Dr. Philip J. Landrigan and Dr. Perry Sheffield are included in the list of authors.

To reduce exposure, the article suggests rubbing dental materials with pumice to remove the top liquefied layer of sealants. After application, immediately rinse the surface with water for 30 seconds to decrease salivary BPA levels.

Despite possible risks of exposure, the article recommends the continued use of sealants in pediatric dentistry, as exposure is brief and the benefits of resin-based dental sealants are substantial in preventing cavities. However, they recommend that the use of these materials should be minimized during pregnancy, and they encourage manufacturers to develop materials with less estrogenic potential.

In addition, national interest on BPA research is developing. On Monday, the front page of the New York Times Science section published an article on BPA research. Read this article, which features Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, who will be speaking at CEHC’s scientific workshop, Exploring the Environmental Causes of Autism and Other Learning Disabilities, in December.

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Jill Brack of “Glow Gluten Free to be Honored!!!

Congratulations to Jill Brack!

She is being honored by the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University at their 9th Annual Fundraiser in October 2010!


Jill is of our “Greening Our Children” original members! We are so proud of you!