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Common Pesticides Can Kill Frogs Within An Hour!

This report came out of the UK, so can you imagine the consequences of what Americans are using on their lawns and in their homes? Europe is much more prudent about regulating chemical use,

A Post-Toxic World is a possibility – Together we can create it! Read this amazing report from Greenpeace

Victorias Secret Joins Green Peace Initiative 2013 …. better late than never

So for how many years have women been wearing underwear with phthalate hormone disrupters. That is just hard to fathom. Well at least they have the good sense to turn bad practice into a global “green” marketing campaign.

“Following the Greenpeace investigations, parent company Limited Brands says it will join the efforts to complete a major detox by 2020, making Victoria’s Secret one of the latest brands to work toward a greener future. Aptly calling themselves “detox angels” (Yep, they went there.), Limited Brands says that it plans to clean up production as to not hurt the environment at large and “eliminate hazardous chemical use” in products. Specifically — and more horrifically — this would apply to “a hormone-disrupting phthalate in underwear purchased from Victoria’s Secret in the United States,” according to the Greenpeace press release.”