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A look back to 2007 & the first GOC Luncheon!

The first Greening Our Childten luncheon was held at Greenwich Country Club in 2007.

I wish I had more photos but this is the only one I have and it’s of me and my daughter who is running the auction for this years event!

Rhonda Sherwood, a driving force for GOC & I, were the first co chairs.
Like many grass roots organizations, it started in our kitchens and living rooms with meetings at coffee shops, Panera bread and our homes.
We did what we felt was right and worked day in and out to get the ball rolling.
We’ve come a long way and it’s taken a lot of people, dedication and passion to get here! Thank you to the people who were there at the beginning and are still with it today ! You know who you are!
If anyone has photos from this first event please post them here!


Greening Our Children Meeting Feb 6 2015

Important Bill to Support in CT

Important Bill to Support Now!