Photos from the 1st Greening Our Children Benefit!

Thank you to Mount Sinai’s Eileen Solomon and Katie Southwick for unearthing these treasures! It was 8 years ago this May

and we’ve come so far! Congratulations to the original group of women who started this worthy cause and for those who carry it on today!

Thank you Anne Robertson for being the impetus behind it all about 10 years ago! Please keep supporting GOC – there are still tickets available for the May 1, 2015 evening benefit or if you would like to donate:

Greenwich Country Club, May 15, 2008

Co-chairs Rhonda Sherwood and Toby Cone

Sinai_0010 Sinai_0013 Sinai_0017 Sinai_0018 Sinai_0020 Sinai_0019 Sinai_0069 Sinai_0066 Sinai_0061 Sinai_0051 Sinai_0050 Sinai_0038 Sinai_0034 Sinai_0030 Sinai_0023 Sinai_0009 Sinai_0003 Sinai_0002.

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